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RARE Tour Issue ''small head'' SIM 3 wood
Rare Mint condition Tour Issue “small head” SIM 3wood. These differ from the regular model by having a slightly shallower face/head and slightly smaller overall head size(cc’s). I have included a few side by side pics with a regular SIM for comparisons only.

This was purchased brand new and has only hit 12-15 balls, all off a mat so the sole and face are in great condition. Specs are included in the pictures. These are very rare/limited heads and can be hard to come by so the price reflects and is in line with the going rate on these heads. Unfortunately it does not come with a head cover or a Tmade adapter.

Head only - $550 / OBO
Free shipping to CONUS!
Not interested in trades!
Please feel free to ask any questions!

[Image: IMG-7305.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7306.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7307.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7308.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7299.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7304.jpg]

[Image: IMG-E7298.jpg]


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