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You can link the values from the SharePoint lists and libraries in real time when the user is adding items to these collections.

The PDF converter makes it possible to specify the desired output dimensions, in other words, the page size, margins, orientation and presentation page number.

When it comes to the addition of headers and footers, this web part makes it possible to add these elements to each page of the document in real time.

The barcode converter will make it possible to add labels and prices to the items in the SharePoint collections.

The QR code generator will make it possible to add and print them into a special kind of page.

And the calendar converter will make it possible to insert the dates, the hours, minutes and seconds in an easy way.

When it comes to the audio and video converter, this web part will make it possible to add titles and subtitles to the SharePoint collections or files.


An appealing feature of this web part is that it makes it possible to convert lists and documents into PDF files, thus letting the user manage the files with all the desired options.

The converter makes it possible to add the desired headers and footers to each page, meaning that it is easier to print the documents.

Using this piece of kit is very straightforward, as all the settings are extremely easy to specify.


The potential presence of this web part is the fact that it will increase the database size.


Smart Print Pro is available for download from the Marketplace, and the process is not complex at all.
It will only take a few minutes to install, and after that, the main part of the process is done.
The important thing to remember here is that the converter will only work with files and collections and it won't be able to print the document until you download it.
This means that you will need to add the collections and files into the tool manually.

First of all, you will have to open the tool and then, you will have to click the button "Add files or folders" in order to let it find the documents and lists.

The converter will start from the first item and will be able to print it with a single click.

The Smart Print Pro is very easy to use and it will make printing quite a breeze, making the files even easier to use.


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Use the NOVA Text Aligner to convert txt, doc, docx, pdf and html text files into new and optimized text files that contain text aligned to an exact amount of space, to be used for translation, comparison, semantic and structure analysis.
More Info

XENO View 3D: New multilingual workflow in 3D!
XENO View is a program for 3D visualization and modeling that has been developed with a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art technology.
XENO View has the potential to completely revolutionize the way you create and manage 3D content.
XENO View 3D is a high quality 3D viewer, which supports BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, CAD, STEP, STL and many more file formats. 3D objects can be placed in any position to view. It also comes with many other useful features, such as collaboration, optimized workflow, support for B2B and much more.
XENO View 3D works with the latest Windows versions and is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit architecture.
More info:

The easiest way to clean your keyboard!
In a few clicks of a button, clean your keyboard with the Trimit keyboard tool. It will organize your keys and reduce the amount of space that you need to type. This keyboard cleaning tool will change your life!
Need help? Please visit our website at We have a lot of useful information. You can also contact us by email or by phone. Our toll-free number is 1 (888) 222-4010.
Watch this video and then it is your turn:

Enjoy cleaning your keyboard.

Machine Translation (MT) is a technology that enables natural language technologies to be applied to a variety of languages. It is a tool that can be used to make the process of translation between two different languages as simple as possible.
Machine translation can also be used to find the closest translation for the same or similar word in different languages. This is a particularly useful feature for websites that are translated into a large number of languages.
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Allows setting up a sequence of keyboard macros.
Allows setting a sequence of keyboard macros.
Allows setting a keyboard command key.
Allows setting a keyboard insert command.
Allows setting a keyboard escape command.
Allows setting the label for a button on the keyboard.
Allows setting a keyboard shift key.
Allows setting a keyboard alt key.
Allows setting a keyboard Super key.
Allows setting the label for a keyboard shortcut (languages).
Allows setting a keyboard menu key.
Allows setting a keyboard Control key.
Allows setting a keyboard Super key (2nd).
Allows setting a keyboard cancel key.
Allows setting a keyboard help key.
Allows setting a keyboard Break key.
Allows setting a keyboard confirm key.
Allows setting a keyboard Clear key.
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key.
Allows setting a keyboard Back key.
Allows setting a keyboard Forward key.
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (0).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (1).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (2).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (3).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (4).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (5).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (6).
Allows setting a keyboard Tab key (7).
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Once the analyses finish, you can download the project, check the result and then close it.
Program Features

Over 100 passwords can be decrypted

Works with MS Office 97 & 2000

Analyzes files with any password

Provides detailed information about the encrypted data

Removes a decrypted file

Adds a copy

Quickly restores an encrypted workbook

Redial passwords

Able to select Unicode characters for the selected/modified keys 2336c5e09f pearvail
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