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KEYMACRO is a program that allows you to execute commands in the external editor specified by the macro. And macros - are the basis of functionality of all programs that work with macros (coders). That is, thanks to macros you can automate various aspects of coding. Programming with macros can not only make your work more efficient, but also allows you to simplify your programming work. Let's see what you need to know about macros. How to use macros, how to make macros for your own program, how to create macros, and many other examples of the use of macros in the development of applications.

PORTABLE CAD 13 - 2018 - Inactive

Portable FreeCAD is a software for creating a 3D geometry model of an object. It can be used for various purposes: e.g. architecture, model-making, visualization, technical documentation, reverse engineering, plastic product design and much more. The application is a free, open-source software that has a clean and straightforward interface and does not require a specialized knowledge to use. Portable FreeCAD is a geometry modeling tool. The program consists of one main window, three palettes and two separate window panes.
Main window:
The main window can be opened by clicking the button on the toolbar, or by pressing the keyboard key Ctrl+W. The toolbar contains the following buttons:
- Add new - Allows you to create a new project
- Open - Allows you to open a file from the file manager
- Open recent - Allows you to open files from the recent folder
- Recent files - Allows you to open a recent folder
- Close - Allows you to close a document
- File menu - Displays the File menu
- Help - Displays the help menu
- New - Allows you to create a new project
The program is split into three palettes:
- Drawing - Allows you to create a geometry model
- Materials - Allows you to make various materials of geometry models
- Properties - Allows you to make various properties of geometry models
- Units - Allows you to make various units of geometry models
- Viewport - Allows you to see the geometry model in various viewports
- Parameters - Allows you to make various parameters of geometry models
- Macro palette - Allows you to create macros
Window panes:
The program has two separate window panes, which you can access by clicking the arrow buttons next to the window tabs on the title bar:
- Properties - Allows you a77f14ba26 halcass
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