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Make it easy for developers to create new macros.KEYCOMMAND Description:
Support macros for your text editor.KEYTEXT Description:
Let your users type with the keyboard instead of a mouse or trackpad.
An extension for web browsers which allows you to bookmark the web pages.MACHARDR Description:
A utility for web browsers to save web pages as text files.MACHARDF Description:
A utility for web browsers to save web pages as text files.MACHAREDescription:
A utility for web browsers to save web pages as text files.
Minimum system requirements:
1GHz or faster processor, 128 MB RAM, 500 MB free disk space.
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8, Windows XP or later.

iPadPortable, Samsung Tablet, iPhoneSimulator, Android Simulator, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire.
Find out if your app is available on these devices:
Don't see yours? Let us know!
Since the release of the iPhone SDK and the iPad launch, there has been a lot of focus on the iPad, which has dramatically altered the role of the mobile device within the consumer market. Tablets have become powerful computing devices, and millions of people use them every day to consume information, make purchases, and manage their daily lives.
For some time, we’ve been able to build great tablet apps that exploit the capabilities of the larger displays, and now that the momentum behind iPad apps is really gathering, it is time to build for this channel.
This training course will cover all you need to know and all aspects of building applications for the iPad. We will start with getting set up for your development environment, and then move on to building touch-based interfaces that will exploit the full capabilities of the iPad. The course will end with a tour of the in-depth capabilities of the iPad platform.
What you will learn
– How to set up your development environment to work on the iPad
– Understand the various dimensions of the iPad a77f14ba26 jartrud
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Create macros in your text documents to speed up your work or write quick tests. Keymacro stores the keyboard actions you want to execute and allows you to record the command by keystrokes. It then plays the recorded command back whenever you want to perform it again.
Keymacro works on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Mavericks.
PROJECT MACRO Description:
The PROJECT macro is the part of the PROJECT MACRO application which saves your time by making your life easy. PROJECT MACRO application is the easiest way to create, edit, save and run macros. PROJECT MACRO is the standalone application which is used to make complex macros into simple, easy to use and easy to understand. PROJECT MACRO application is designed as a user friendly interface that will allow you to make macros of all types and complexity without any pain.
The PROJECT MACRO application has an easy-to-understand interface with which you can save and run macros, edit your existing macros.
Tired of making the same repetitive actions each time you open a file? PROJECT MACRO application makes it easy to create macros that can be played back whenever you want.
Save time, space, and frustration. That is PROJECT MACRO.


Record keyboard shortcut.
Run macros.
Add or edit existing macros.
Add comment.
Apply shortcut to all open files.
Create shortcut groups.
Lock shortcut.
Unlock shortcut.
Delete shortcut.
Macros can be stored in.plist file.
Macros are just an inline text document.
You can have as many macros as you want.

Get the best experience from all Mac applications with one application. The PROJECT MACRO application brings to your Mac applications the best of Quicktime, Quicklook and Launchpad. PROJECT MACRO is a standalone application, which allows you to make complex macros into easy to understand and easy to use. PROJECT MACRO allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for your Mac applications.

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Replacement Run Dialog is an amazingly simple tool that seems to do every thing it needs to do well, in a simple manner. Undoubtedly, Replacement Run Dialog is a perfect utility for those looking for an easy way to open the current workspace in a program by typing its name instead of using the Go to Location command or the Start Menu. If the original "Run" dialog becomes clogged with malware, computer errors, or for whatever other reason, you don't 0531ecd6aa catahar
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