GGE Custom + Retail Shop Guidelines
If you've come this far, you see that we have set up a fully automated custom shop. This section is meant for those who want every piece of the club or set to be fully customized to spec, and built in house by our builders. These are fully customized clubs, built every step of the way by us. While this makes it easy for customers who know exactly what they want at 3am on a Tuesday morning, we understand that many of our customers appreciate the FREE online fitting recommendations we do to help with shaft or club choice. We still offer that, and you can feel free to contact me via DM through the forum, or directly via email at This simply requires a $50 good faith deposit which is 100% applicable to your purchase, and simply pays for the time and expertise of looking over data and discussing options, should you choose not to purchase.

We do not have an online retail shop set up for instant purchase. The reason for this is that we will MATCH or BEAT any non sale, advertised price by authorized OEM dealers. Obviously this doesn't apply to things like Ebay, volume sellers who are not dealers and offer no warranty, or sale pricing. That said, we may be having a sale of our own, and may be able to match or beat the price. Please simply let me know what it is you are looking for and I can quote you the price of the moment. We have a full service retail location and carry all major brands like Ping, Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno, Cobra, Titleist, Cleveland, Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi.

If you have any confusion about anything at all, simply want mild customization, or to order retail clubs with no upcharge options from the factory, please simply email me directly and we will get it handled for you.
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